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Meet Darius 

Poet, social critic and educator working to bring art to all communities

Darius V. Daughtry fell in love with words at the age of six. It was then, that he used to write and draw his own comic books. While the pictures left a little to be desired, being able to paint pictures with words was a passion that soon began to blossom. Darius has been marrying the pen to the paper ever since.

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Equal parts praise dance and eulogy, this book is full of vulnerable, introspective poems that explore societal constructs – race, class, gender – and questions their existence on our lives.  

"In this powerful debut collection, Darius Daughtry shows us what it means to find God in the blues and in a grandmother's love, to find the truth behind what the world tells us about our Blackness and our personhood. In forms and free verse, and always with an eye toward rhythm, Daughtry's poetry cuts through the lies we're told and re-told. With these poems that shine an undimmable light, he makes the walls tumble."


Ashley M. Jones,

Author of Magic City Gospel and dark // things


Art Prevails Project is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 performing and literary arts organization. In 2015, Darius founded Art Prevails Project with a goal of creating a platform that would make art accessible for everyone - regardless of where you live or what school you go to. Art Prevails Project provides engaging and authentic artistic and cultural experiences through performance and education. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach rooted in theatre and creative writing, its collective of artists strive to entertain, educate, and inspire.



Hallways & Heartbreaks



For Love or Music


Voices of Our Forefathers


From Whence We've Come


The Happening: A Theatrical Mixtape, Volume I


The Happening: A Theatrical Mixtape, Volume II



Let’s connect

Phone Number: (954) 652-6545    /     Email: info@dariusdaughtry.com  

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